Economic sectors

Internet, media and entertainment

We work for radio and television stations, websites, social media and a number of companies in the new technology industry.

We advise film producers, filmmakers and artists. We have a unique experience in preparing and negotiating production and co-production agreements for film, television and radio, including financing agreements for both local and international projects. In each project we take tax issues into account.

We cooperate, negotiate and conduct disputes with collective copyright management organisations, executive and producers. We have taken part in precedent court cases — our activity contributed to organising the practice of applying the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

We give opinions on marketing contracts, rules of conducting advertising and marketing activities, prepare contracts for the implementation of advertising campaigns, and develop regulations for promotional competitions. We advise on issues related to sponsorship and sponsorship contracts. We prepare agreements on the commercial use of personal rights and the image of celebrities.

We cooperate with companies from the new media market and with fintechs. We advise on issues related to the provision of electronic services, personal data protection, database protection, and electronic payment instruments. We help projects in the field of eCommerce, internet advertising, and market research, including the internet one, as well as software production and IT services.

We represent companies from the media and entertainment sector in concession, court and administrative proceedings, in disputes concerning press law, electronic media law, as well as infringements of personal rights and copyrights.